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How much does it cost?

Walk on Fee with own Equipment                   $15.00
All Day Air or CO2                                           $10.00
Rental / Includes Both of the Above              $35.00

1 Hour Birthday Party Special                         $25.00            Includes 200 paintballs per player

2 Hour Birthday Party Special                         $30.00            Includes 200 paintballs per player

Paint prices vary / call for more information 
Air and CO2 fills for those not playing onsite
7OZ CO2                               $3.00
9OZ CO2                               $4.00
14OZ – 20OZ CO2                 $5.00
Air per 3 thousand lbs           $5.00 
**Note walk on players may bring or buy paintballs… Rental players must purchase paintballs from Powerline. This is to insure proper marker operation.

2698 Poplar Road * Fredricksburg * VA * 22406 Phone: (540) 286-0404 Cell: (540) 270-8478 for VM please use cell or email to powerlinep@aol.com

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