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Why Choose Powerline?

Powerline Paintball has been a family owned business from the first day the doors opened over 13 years ago. Powerline is dedicated to providing Quality Service. We have made a commitment to our customers and our performance speaks for itself. We will provide you an excellent time that will be long remembered and most likely often repeated. Powerline is a great place to play and an affordable alternative to the same old party or event. Paintball is a fun way to bond with others and a great way to level the playing field. Come spend the day at Powerline and see how great Paintball can be!!


Paintball is an exciting sport that is fast paced and action packed. Paintball is the only sport in which size does not matter. Men, women, and children can play paintball on a level playing field.

Is Paintball Safe?

Yes, paintball is a very safe sport to play. Being a non-contact sport, it does not have anywhere near the injuries of other sports such as football, soccer, and basketball. When playing under supervised conditions with all of the proper equipment, paintball is statistically safer than tennis golf or bowling! Powerline maintains an excellent safety record!

What Should I wear?

Jeans or Pants – no sweatpantsTee shirt / + a shirt you can take off between gamesSneakers /shoes /no open toeBaseball hat / gloves / optional
CELL PHONES and KEYS should be left in the car J


2698 Poplar Road * Fredricksburg * VA * 22406 Phone: (540) 286-0404 Cell: (540) 270-8478 for VM please use cell or email to powerlinep@aol.com

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